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EBOLA: FG Confirms Cases In Nigeria Now 13 – FG

EBOLA: FG Confirms Cases In Nigeria Now 13 – FG

The federal government Monday in Abuja clarified that there was an error in its earlier statement where it said Ebola Cases in the country were 14,adding that the current number at the moment is 13.
Minister of Health, Prof. Onyebuchi Chukwu, told journalists that “Nigeria has revised the number of confirmed cases since we had index case from 14 to 13. This came about as a result of false positive that was earlier announced.
“You recall that in my previous briefing, I had let the media know that for each case, we run further confirmatory test on each of them to make sure that anybody that has been labelled as Ebola virus positive is actually Ebola virus positive.
“So, the 14th case has turned out to be negative; it is not only negative in terms of viremia, but it is now negative in terms of symptoms. That has now revised Nigeria’s number of cases to 13; that include the Liberian-American who was the index case. So, 13 cases; out of these 13, unfortunately, we have lost five including the index case.
“The number of death still remains five, including the index case. The total number of patients who have actually been treated and discharged from the isolation ward also remains five.
“Presently, we have three patients receiving treatment in the Isolation Ward in Lagos. But, certainly, before Wednesday, one of these three will be discharged from the ward because he is tested negative. And, we are now concluding the discharge process that will lead to the discharge of additional case.
“When that will be done, before the next 48 hours, it will bring the total number of patients that have been successfully managed to six.”

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