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Omotunde Ogundimu rejoices After Successful Fibroid Surgery

Omotunde Ogundimu rejoices After Successful Fibroid Surgery

Fibroid has been noted to be one of the highest killers of women
in Africa these days, so if a woman survives one, she has every reason to be thankful.

Months ago, Yoruba actress Omotunde Ogundimu was soliciting for funds for a crucial fibroid surgery; she said she needed N1 million.
After a surgery at a hospital in Ogun, the mum of 3 was discharged on Friday 8th August 2014.
The surgery was billed at N400,000 and the money donated by colleagues in the industry and other generous Nigerians.
Omotunde is presently recuperating at home in Ibafo, Ogun.
While chatting with a reporter, she said: -
“I am so happy my brother. I thank all the people that came to my aid, including you and other media practitioners. May God bless you all. May you never face any predicament of such, I really appreciate you all.
It’s a very pathetic experience, but now it’s a success story. I need to be very grateful to God because a lot of people had died because of that. Now, I have stopped bleeding.
Everything concerning my womb is normal now. I can eat and sleep well now.”

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