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Tragedy: Late Citizens bank chairman's 1st son dies 1 year after inheriting his estate

Tragedy: Late Citizens bank chairman's 1st son dies 1 year after inheriting his estate

A year after inheriting his father's estate, 38 year old Udensi Ifegwu Udensi Jnr, the first son of the former chairman of the now defunct Citizens bank, Lord Dike Udensi (pictured above) has died. He died few weeks ago at a specialist hospital in Umuahia, Abia state after suffering complications from a sudden undisclosed illness.

According to reports by City People, Udensi Jnr had been battling with some of his siblings as well as his father's second wife, Joy Udensi, over the control of his father's estate. The father had reportedly left his estate in his first son's care. Continue...

Upon his death, other family members wanted to have control of the estate but he was said to have vehemently refused.

The battle for the control of the late billionaire business mogul's estate started immediately he died from a prolonged battle with diabetes that resulted in foot decay.

After his death, the children from his first wife took an injunction from a court in Ohafia local government in Abia state to order his burial after a petition was filed by the late business mogul's daughters from his second wife saying they were not carried along in the burial plans and the sharing of his estate and therefor the burial should be stopped. The court session held on July 11th 2013 in Ohafia. The judge in the case said the burial should go on as planned on July 12th in Abiriba, Abia, saying it is unheard of in Igboland that a dead man's property would be shared while his body was still in the mortuary and instructed that the late business mogul be buried immediately.

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