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The World's Sexiest Couple in 2014

The World's Sexiest Couple in 2014

The entertainment industry is flooded with such cute couples; but here we are going to make a list of top 10 worlds hottest and sexiest couples in 2014

1.  Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher
Worlds Hottest and Sexiest Couples

Ashton is currrently dating Mila Kunis, a former Co-star of  that 70s show premiered in 1998.

2. Aaron Paul and Lauren Paisekian

Worlds Hottest and Sexiest Couples

Aaron is the winner of two emmy awards , winner for his role of breaking bad.

3.Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson
Worlds Hottest and Sexiest Couples
Samantha Ronson and Lindsay nade the third sexiest couple.

4.Johnny Depp and Amber Heard
Worlds Hottest and Sexiest Couples

Johnny Depp has been in deep love with Amber Heard. He shares romantic moments with Amber Heard

5. Tiger woods and Lindsey Vonn
Worlds Hottest and Sexiest Couples

When we think Tiger’s best days are behind him, he is likely to become a topper once again. About four years ago, he was highest-paid athlete who had a crash at his Escalade after a spat with Elin Nordegren. In a couple of week, he managed to maintain himself. Now he is dating Lindsey Vonn, who is arguably one of the hottest women in the world for 2014 Winter Olympics. A knee injury kept her out of the competition, but now she is alright.

6. Scarlett Johnansson and Romain Duaraic
Worlds Hottest and Sexiest Couples

Scarlett Johnsson is a stylish celebrity of the era while Romain  Duaric is a former magazine editor who live in paris both got engaged about a year after their first date.

7. Charlize Theron and sean Penn

Worlds Hottest and Sexiest Couples

Sean Penn and Charlize Theron have yet been dating each other, but it seems both will tight their knot very soon.

8. Katy Perry and John Mayer

Worlds Hottest and Sexiest Couples

Katty Perry and John Mayer are both superstar musicans,  have experienced many ups and down in their romantic life. After a long list of breakups Katy and John finally decided to be with each other for a life time.

9. Shakira and Gerard Piqué

Worlds Hottest and Sexiest Couples

Gerard Pique has had been a great defender of powerhouse soccer teams F.C. Barcelona, Manchester United, and the Spanish national team. He won two Champions League titles, four Spanish League titles, an English Premier League championship, and a World Cup since 2007. He really makes a cute and hot couple with sexy Colombian singer Shakira. This beauty diva has herself gotten much fame in her career. No doubt, Shakira and Gerard look awesome together and this is why they are one of the hottest couples in the world.

10. Leonardo Dicaprio and Blake Lively
Worlds Hottest and Sexiest Couples

Leonardo DiCaprio and Blake Lively look extremely beautiful together. Whenever seen on red carpet, or in off-screen pictures; it gives a feeling that Leonardo and Blake make the perfect couple with lots of mutual understanding. Leonardo’s name needs no introduction. He is one of the most successful and famous Hollywood actors and film producers. On the other hand, Blake has been a great actress and fashion model. She was born in August, 1987, and Leonardo’s date of birth is November 1974.

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