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This may not be news but...:-)

This may not be news but...:-)

You know what they say, if you don't want 'it', don't start 'sh'. Hehe. So I was jeje minding my own business when an observant LIB reader sent me this. You can like and read below as I stroll away to go look for news...:-)
Dear Linda, Waconzy’s picture wasn’t with 100 dollar bills as he claimed. He only put a 2013 series 100 dollar bill in front. You can tell the other notes behind are discoloured and worn. They are all 1s. Stripper money!!
Here’s the evidence:
As you can see in his pic. The circles/curves that exist on the top left part of the note and the whole left side. Those circles/curves don’t exist on the 100 dollar bill. Only on the 1 dollar. The total money there is like 900 dollars. If he wanted to show off, he should’ve just taken his time to borrow some money. So burn him please. Thanks.

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