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Unleash the power of the Mac with a free training session at iStore Ikeja mall

Unleash the power of the Mac with a free training session at iStore Ikeja mall

Just over 30 years ago, on a Superbowl Sunday in the USA, the world of personal computing changed forever.

That night marked the public debut, ushered in by a bold and daring one-minute TV commercial, of the first mass-market computer with a Graphical User Interface and a single-button point-and-click mouse.

The computer was officially called the Apple Macintosh 128k, but it soon became better known by its affectionate nickname. The Mac.

 A benchmark of engineering genius and striking creative design, the Mac was so easy to use, and so easy on the eye, that it led the way for a technological revolution that still resonates around the world today.
The current generation of Mac takes that combination of power and beauty to new heights, with even greater emphasis on intuitive ease of use.
The iMac is a high-performance desktop powerhouse with an all-in-one, edge-to-edge design and a stunning widescreen display that brings photos, games, and movies vividly to life.
The MacBook Air is a super-thin, super-light, work-anywhere workhorse with a battery capable of lasting an incredible 12 hours between charges.

The MacBook Pro is every mobile worker’s professional dream machine, with a Retina display option that packs razor-sharp, eye-popping detail into its millions of pixels.
Every Mac feature the latest fourth-generation Intel Core processors for ultra-fast processing power, with OS X, the world’s most advanced operating system, engineered to take maximum advantage of the hardware’s capabilities.

What can you do with a Mac? Anything you can dream of, thanks to the dazzling, do-it-all apps that come pre-installed on every new machine.
With iPhoto, iMovie, and GarageBand, you can unleash your creative energies through the power of visuals and music.

With Pages, Numbers and Keynote, you can create and edit documents, work on dynamic spreadsheets, and produce professional-quality presentations.
Learn more, and see how for yourself how easy it is to work with a Mac, by attending a free “Mac for Beginners” training session at iStore Ikeja Mall this month.

To sign up for the one-hour, hands-on workshop, book your place online at  myistore.com.ng.
The Mac changed the world. So come to iStore Ikeja Mall, and see how the Mac can change your life!

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