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Young Man Killed By Angry Mob For Rapping 3-Year-Old Girl

Young Man Killed By Angry Mob For Rapping 3-Year-Old Girl

Every day there are cases upon cases about racial crime, black on black crime, child cruelty crime but recently LiveLeak showcased a different
crime. Although crime can be hard to justify, it might not be that hard when you realize the victim was a defiler.

A young man was killed by an angry mob after he was allegedly caught defiling a three-year-old girl. Personally, I think people like this deserve a life sentence so to see a turn out like this doesn’t make me surprised. Assuming the man had survived the mob attack, it’s hard to imagine him surviving sentence once he was behind bars.

Angry locals from the mob claim that the teen allegedly committed at least 40 crimes prior to this one that never got investigated. The actions of the man continuously went under the radar so as a result the mob showed no mercy for the 3-year-old baby.

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