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Zedvance Limited - Solving the woes of salary earners

Zedvance Limited - Solving the woes of salary earners

This wasn’t just your normal day. On normal day, you would be in your office struggling through your pile of work, planning your lunch break or figuring out how you would make your way home at the close of work. You would be doing what normal working class people do on a normal work day.

Except this wasn’t! You get a call around noon telling you to come all the way down to the hospital, You see, it happened when your spouse, your sibling, your friend was making their way to or from work (it doesn’t matter in this case, does it?) what matters was what the doctor was telling you,
‘Appendicitis? Hernia?,’ it doesn’t really matter.

 It’s a simple procedure your see said the doctor, in 30 minutes we will be done, little or no complications, the doctor reassured you.

The clockwork in your head turns. Why didn’t they take her to a General Hospital, you say? Oh, ‘strike’, you nod. Vexed. Where you come from surgical procedures always mean money. In this case, no difference – It’s 400 thousand naira the doctor says.
You see the doctor looking at you; surely a man of your age must have money somewhere. You’re pissed already. You don’t have the money;you had just paid school fees, bought a car, and settled your nagging friend and it’s still the start of the month. Why didn’t this happen at the end of the month, you ask.

It still doesn’t matter; the money has to be paid.

You pick up your phone to speak to your account officer, he’s a really nice guy, and at least that’s how he sounds every time he comes to meet you to make a deposit.
I’m sorry, he says. It takes a week to process and he is not sure they will approve eventually. You will need collateral and a guarantor. But the surgery has to be done today!
I’m sorry, he says. You hang up.
 The doctor calls you. You don’t pick up.
You call your friend, he doesn’t pick up. Its 3pm.
Your account officer calls you back. He had been in a similar situation, he says. He couldn’t get a loan from the bank too. He called ZEDVANCE LIMITED he says. They lent him money in hours!
Your banker couldn’t get a loan from the bank; he had to go to ZEDVANCE LIMITED. Just picture that.

It might be a surgery, it might also not be your spouse or sibling, and it could be you needing a quick cash loan to fulfill various obligations – make a down payment for that flat you want to rent, pay your children’s school fees, repair your vehicle, and make that vacation abroad or just about any other thing.
Call ZEDVANCE LIMITED today for that Quick Cash loan, with no collateral and little preconditions; be a salary earner, live in Lagos, have an active salary account and a pension account.
That’s all!
To book your loan now you can call any of the numbers listed below
Mercy on 08165382545
Bunmi on 07034469546
Ogugua on 08186445306
Chuks on 08131188640
 Alternatively you can try any of these numbers: 01-2121527 or 01-2121529
Or you can head over to our website on www.zedvance.com to apply or visit our office at 859, Bishop Aboyade Cole, Victoria Island, Lagos.

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