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Dear LIB readers: These cybersquatters have taken all my names o lol

Dear LIB readers: These cybersquatters have taken all my names o lol

Like, these Cyber-squatters are not even playing. All my names have been taken.lol. Think it's finally time for me to move to my own domain name (I was scared before because of hackers) but there's no Linda Ikeji available online. Unknown people have registered everything there is to register. Some as far back as 2007 when I didn't even know what blogging was all about though I was blogging at the time. I got some people to help me look for a lindaikeji domain name yesterday...and everything has been taken. I'm kind of flattered sha, didn't know I was that much of a big deal...lol.

Anyway, I will find one weird LindaIkeji name and let y'all know soon where I am moving to. I don't want to give any of these guys the pleasure of buying those names from them.

Secondly, I also think it's time to expand. For almost 8 years it's been mostly me. I think it's time to get more hands to work at LIB. Doing it mostly alone has been fun but it can be quite exhausting. You don't go out much and I practically don't have a social life. Plus now I can go out more and maybe find me a husband before menopause catch me for house where I sit down from morning till night dey blog...lol. I need sex again in my life I swear...choi...lol.

I'm kinda glad this happened...it's pushed me to want to expand. Will let y'all know. Kisses

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