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Family of five found dead in their home in Lagos

Family of five found dead in their home in Lagos

A woman and her four children, all boys, were found dead in their residence at 8 Kunle Owooade Close, in the Itamaga area of Ikorodu, Lagos yesterday October 1st.

The family were discovered yesterday in their home with three of them already decomposing. Three of the boys were in one room, while the mother and the youngest boy were found in another room. One was actually found alive but barely clinging to life. He died on his way to the hospital.

A neighbour said the last time the family was seen alive was on Friday September 26th. Neighbours decided to check on the family when they noticed an offensive odour coming from their building, where they lived alone. The woman's husband is said to have died about four years ago.

When they knocked and nobody opened, they decided to break the door and found the dead bodies. Nobody knows for sure what killed the family but some neighbours attributed to food poisoning while others think it generator fumes.

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