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LIB is recruiting! Reporters and photographers

LIB is recruiting! Reporters and photographers

Okay, I'm finally going to be recruiting staff for LIB. I'm really proud that I did this alone & brought myself to number one in Nigeria..really proud! With, of course, the help of loyal LIB readers. I am grateful to you guys. But now it's time to expand. Get reporters and photojournalists to work for LIB, so I can get more exclusive content. This experience has really jolted me. Lol.

So if you're a reporter or even someone passionate about news creporting or you think you can source for news for LIB, then please send an email to lindaikejiads@gmail.com. Please don't send to me, I'm very bad at replying emails. lol. I get so many, it's hard to read everything. And some even go to junk and spam that I never get to see. OK, so contact us. Let's do this!

Also, let me officially apologize to everyone who has sent me a mail that I never replied. There are thousands of you I know and I'm truly sorry. When you blog alone, it's almost impossible to pay attention to much else. So forgive me!

I'm so scattered that I don't even have a LIB logo...lol. Things will change a little sha.

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