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Mirror Mirror On The Wall…

Mirror Mirror On The Wall…

This is a promo piece...read below...
Stop everything you are currently doing and take a look at Ms.Prosper’s image – what did you think?  Hold on to your thoughts while we come back to that shortly.  But please read on.
Have you ever wondered why at a gathering, environment or organisation, you can immediately tell who you are comfortable with, who not to speak to, who you admire from afar and even sometimes ask yourself if you really should be in a particular environment? Fit or misfit, 'image’ is the perception of a mental concept of a person place or thing.

Prosper before
Nobody will see your Mercedes parked outside or your beautiful home; so, you are judged, evaluated and assessed by your preferences and style alone.  Proven and true, whether you are conscious or not, you give off messages based on superficial evidences collected around you (e.g how you dress, how you look, what you say or don’t say, how you smell, walk, sit, et cetera) which in turn are used to make intuitive yet profound evaluations about you.  Not only that, these collective evidences gathered then inform and dictate how people will respond to you, ascertain your levels of authority and even determine whether you are credible or not. YES!

This is what happens - not life! This is what happens with your business, your career development, your chance at a promotion, your chance for employment, your opportunities for relationships, the sustainability of your marriage, this is what dictates your chance at competing equally in your industry let alone winning… this is what happens when you wonder what is not happening to your finances.  The lustre of your image is gone.  

But like with Ms. Prosper, you can get it back.  At BlondeDolly Image Consulting, they are all about your image: they are most particular about those details that are capable of returning life-transforming values.  At BlondeDolly Image Consulting, they focus on developing your image (be it personal or corporate); strengthening your professional and executive presence; and helping you make consistent visual impacts that return strategic benefits.  At BlondeDolly Image Consulting, they are more than creating for you a panache advantage – you will become it.
Prosper now
Telling yourself you like the way you look is easy.  Believing it is an entirely different kettle of whales – Andrew Biss.  

Look at Ms. Prosper now – what did you honestly think of her earlier?  Please share your comments.
Speak to BlondeDolly Image Consulting today.  They are a transnational firm that offer training, private consultations, seminars and workshops on Appearance, Business Etiquette/Professional Conduct and Communication Skills.

Their clients include notable personalities (and celebrities), entrepreneurs, corporate individuals and organisations looking to project and maintain profitably their celebrity statuses, businesses, personal and corporate images respectively.

BlondeDolly IC: V-VIP Package
Please visit their website for more information – www.blondedolly.com and download for free their statement and most talked about newsletter “eikõn” boasting Hollywood A-list Celebrity Make-up Artist, Kendra Richards, on their team (Click here for Free Direct Download– www.blondedolly.com/newsletter.php)

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