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NDLEA nab smugglers who hid N119m worth of drugs in perfume bottles

NDLEA nab smugglers who hid N119m worth of drugs in perfume bottles

Officials of the Nigerian Drug Law Enforcement Agency, NDLEA, have arrested two suspected drug smugglers, Marvin Daniel and Victor Akubuo (pictured above) for smuggling N119m worth of illegal substances that tested positive for cocaine. The drugs were concealed inside perfume bottles and capacitors. 

The suspects flew from Dubai into Lagos with the illegal substances and were arrested after a screening of their luggage at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport in Lagos. While one of the suspects, Daniel hid 7.58 kg of the drugs in capacitors, Akubuo concealed his, weighing 5.75kg, inside perfume bottles.

When interrogated, Daniel who is 29 years old from Abia state, said he was in search for a business breakthrough when he was introduced to the drug peddling business...
"I was searching for a business breakthrough when my friend told me that I could earn N500,000 by just going to Brazil. He told me they would buy my return ticket and all I needed to do was to bring in the cocaine. He assured me that the drugs would not be detected because of the way it was packed. Unfortunately, the drug was detected by NDLEA officers during a search at the Abuja Airport,” Daniel said.
His partner, 26 year old trader and father of 2, Akubuo who hails from Anambra State, said he ventured into the illicit business so as to get money to resuscitate his ailing business
"I needed some money to invest in my ailing business. That was how my friend convinced me to smuggle drugs for the sum of N500,000. The drug was hidden inside new perfume containers and I never knew it will be uncovered by the officers.”he said

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