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Article not written by me...it's a promotional piece. Enjoy...
He comes home at about 8pm from work; his beautiful wife is anxiously waiting for him on the dinner table for a candle light dinner. She is wearing a seductive see through night gown to seduce him into making love to her. She has been trying to get him to make love to her for the past 8 months but he keeps coming up with excuses, today she is determined to get him in the mood.

Mr and Mrs Okon are happily married couple but for the past 8 months Mr Okon has refused to touch or cuddle her, they used to have good sex before but all of a sudden he has lost interest in sex with her, he always finds an excuse in the middle of it or before they start. This situation is bothering her and she is determined to seek help and find solution to her husband’s rejections to her advances.
She hears about Mens clinic and calls the customer care service. She narrates the situation facing her marriage to the manager, she is asked to come with her husband to the clinic for tests. After long pressure and persistence from the wife, he finally accepts to come to the clinic. After various tests he is found to have Low Libido (sex drive hormones are low), he is treated and after some months his sex life with his wife is in full swing.
Are you a man and your sex drive is low (LOW LIBIDO), come to Mens’ Clinic and let our specialist doctors help you restore your sexual confidence.
Mr Yuki Takahashi is an expatriate from Japan working here in Nigeria, he had contracted an STI before leaving his country but he didn’t know. He is confused and has no idea what to do. He calls his Doctor in Japan but the Doctor tells him he can’t prescribe anything for him. He asks around but everyone keeps telling him to take one herbal concoction or the other. He decides to search Google and he comes across Mens’ Clinic. Since he visited the Clinic he has been impressed with the services and the confidentiality afforded.
Most men will experience some form of erectile dysfunction at some point during their lives be it maintaining an erection or achieving an erection or suffering from a lack of interest in sex. Mens’ Clinic concentrates in helping men regain sexual satisfaction with a comprehensive range of highly effective treatment methods.
You can also arrange for a private consultation at home. You have no excuse for not satisfying her again. Give us a call on 0903 273 1614, 0709 425 1635 and 0903 253 9384; email info@mensclinicng.com or visit www.mensclinic.ng at 12A, Olatunde Ayoola Avenue, behind Bertola Machine Tools, Anthony Village, Lagos.

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