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Six-year-old boy in China Run Over by An SUV, Walks Away Unharmed

Six-year-old boy in China Run Over by An SUV, Walks Away Unharmed

A 6-year-old boy in China is in good health after being run over by an SUV near his Hong Kong home and only sustained minor injuries.

Surveillance footage shows the boy playing
in the street when a red SUV casually drives over him and his toys without stopping. As the vehicle drives away, the boy stands up and runs off camera, obviously shaken but apparently unhurt.

“I cried when I saw the video,” the boy’s father told China’s state-run television. “He was so lucky to have survived.

Police say if the boy had been any bigger the incident would have been a lot worse — although the driver may have noticed him if that was the case.

“First he was really small,” Hong Kong traffic officer Xu Liyan explained.
“Secondly, the chassis of the car is quite high. Last but not least, the boy was between two wheels.”
The driver of the SUV was tracked down and said he had no idea the incident occurred at all.
The boy was taken to the hospital and treated for minor scrapes.

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